What’s wrong with the city? What’s wrong? Man when did you see right in it? Every part of the city is wrong. You can show me Hope or Maybe you can show me something right. I can show you wrong in your right and Prove it Like Every Girl search the Mr. Right and sleeps with Mr. Wrong and by the time they realize they already done sleeping with 8 Mr. Wrongs. Don’t tell me Mr. Right wasn’t there Like you are telling me There’s Good in Our City and society that is reserved. Well see you are wrong again. Mr. Right comes to that Girl and gets away by getting hurt or being friend-zoned and starts spending money after Miss Wrong where she bangs other Mr. Wrongs. Thanks to The Divine Power she didn’t bang Mr. Right cause it would convert Mr. Right to Mr. Wrong. Enough Mr. Wrong and Right, we are leaving them here. Let’s get back to business.

People are ripping each other (I mean Rhetorically not physically just psychologically) like there’s an Apocalypse on the loose. No one wants anyone. Everyone hates each other like enemy. Get yourself on a Public Place, I bet you will feel it. I felt it, Everyone felt it. There’s no denying. I know you’re gonna say there are different people. You should really read the story about Mr. Right & Wrong. I tried to leave them alone. Nevermind

After you calculate the past and evaluate the Present and Equalize everything into Future. You are about to see the Apocalypse I was Blabbering about. Now you see people are ripping each other and this time it’s literally ripping. Man when I was reading this Article. I thought I’m gonna Re-post it on behalf of the real writer. Ow, what it’s a repost? I knew, see World became so much like Hell for bitches like you. It could be more heavenly if you would bitch a little less. It’s an Original Post or May be not, who cares? Pointing to the dot should be the main Focus. Why do you always Blur the Dot for your selfishness. What’s wrong with you, Man?

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