Steps How Google Recognizes a Song

We can use Google Search app or the Google Assistant on any Android phone to search
or recognizing a certain Song. Over Google Assistant there is “What’s this song?”
suggestion pops up. Google search uses Now Playing to search an individual song.
The process described below:

  1. Data Acquisition:
    Now playing records couple seconds to obtain sample data for testing.
  2. Preprocessing:
    Obtaining 10 seconds and eliminating all high pitch and irrational noises.
  3. Feature Extraction:
    Collecting and extrapolating data from nodes to nodes to analyze and store
    different wave lengths as multiple sample.
  4. Classification:
    Classify analyzed data to a recognizable format to match with database
  5. Evaluation:
    Now playing then searches the on-device song database to relate with the
    classified information about the recorded sound.
  6. Decision:
    After matching with multiple resources from database it sends a confirmation
    report with the song’s name to the user.
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