Common Computer mistakes we make as a Regular PC User. Topic is on Buying Computer. I’m trying to concentrate over the mistakes only. So, not all of them has solution. You can check my other articles for the solution. I’m sure you will get it. If you don’t have that much patience. Please ask in the comment I will answer it for you.

Okay we are not discussing about MAC. Because obviously there’s no debate on which one you are gonna buy. If you are a MAC guy you have absolutely no business here. We will be discussing only about PC here.

1. Not buying based on your needs

It’s a very common mistake when we go to buy Systems. We always target the latest in market which is very wrong. You should focus on what you need, not what you dream of. 

For example, Skype may have versions working for Mac and Windows, but you won’t be able to video chat your friends and family if you switch over to Chrome OS. This calls back to the first point: you should decide what you need to do with the computer and ensure the OS will support it. Suppose you have decided it will be a PC. But you are going to use Word Processing/Web Browsing/Watching movie. You don’t need i3 for that. Simple pentium can handle all these tasks.

2. A single number makes something better

“Oh, man! That computer comes with a Intel Core i7 CPU, an NVIDIA GeForce video card, and 8GB of RAM. Awesome!” Doesn’t mean you are getting the best in market. Even if you are thinking i3 has 3 cores and i5/i7 as the same, well sorry to ruin your conceptions but you are extremely wrong. i3 had 2 cores and now i3/i5/i7 has 4 cores. Odd number of cores are not made except 1 core, there’s reason. I will soon make another article describing the processors only.

3. Getting confused

Bluetooth/Wifi in Desktop PCs is also available these days. For laptop there are much more features like the Webcam isn’t 1080p or Microphone is separated kind of things. Well don’t get confused with these features. These are not that important. For beginning you can focus on only 2 things Motherboard & Processor.

4. Buying the Basic & Upgrade time by time

Another common mistakes, when you go buy a PC and think buying the lowest configuration and upgrade it time by time. Well it will be one of the greatest mistake you are making. Why? Let’s say, the motherboard you bought with your Core 2 duo Processor won’t support any i3/i5/i7 Processors. Same problem might happen with Ram Slot or the Graphics Card Slot. Know the parts for closely and their relation with each other.

5. Not trying before buying and also Not trying it out enough after buying

It happens to many of us. Before buying a new PC, we get too excited to try it and after buying suddenly lose interest using it. Things behavior is really a bad. You gotta check what you are buying and you received what you paid for.

6. Always buying whatever’s cheapest

It’s a very bad habit at least while you are buying a machine you gonna use for couple years. It’s a ground rule “whatever is cheapest, is not the best”. But sometimes you can actually buy cheapest one. Confused??? Well don’t be. Search cheapest for which has less electronic parts/cheaps means accessories. Like External Cooler, mouse, Extension cables. But still check the quality.

7. Buying at the wrong time

If you need one right this minute, then your hands are tied. But if you can wait, or if you know your current computer is on its last leg, a bit of wiggle room can make a big difference in what you pay for your new computer. First off, there are tons of deals on computers all the time. Tech retailers and manufacturers have all sorts of deals, and if you stay vigilant, you might see the PC you’re hoping to buy on sale. Product cycles can also come into play. Just like with smartphones, there are constantly newer versions in series of computers coming out, or newer hardware supplanting the ever-so-slightly older hardware. If you do your homework, you may be able to figure out when something new is going to come out.

8. Gaming/server PC has different kind of Hardware.

It’s partially false. Yes for Server/Gaming PC there are different kinds of casing/Power Supply/External Cooler but these aren’t mandatory if you are buying it for home use. For professional purpose, of course you don’t want to risk your systems and information and clearly you won’t buy toy to do some serious stuff.

9. Refurbished are Junk, Always buy Brand New.

It’s another one that’s partially false. Here’s a point zero too. Electronics should be new cause they are sensitive to dust, climate and other 100s things. But it’s also true that if you don’t use a machine it will decrease it’s performance day by day. And also not all used electronic are completely junk. You can actually save money sometimes and invest it some other options to built a better system. Look for your options and invest wisely, smartly also.

10. Getting confused with the Catalogs.

It’s a major sickness between us. Not only newbies but professionals do it rapidly. Before going to market they start researching what to buy and wastes a lot of time by crawling the catalogs. Well as an advice you can check #1.

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