Common Computer mistakes we make as a Regular Social Media User. Topic is on The Social Media. I’m trying to concentrate over the mistakes only. So, not all of them has solution. You can check my other articles for the solution. I’m sure you will get it. If you don’t have that much patience. Please ask in the comment I will answer it for you.

1. Liking your own Post
Okay, I put it at #1 cause it really embarrasses me when I see someone is liking their own post. It’s like eating your own shit to me. Please nevermind, I’m not trying to offend you guys.

2. Getting more followers
You’d see most social media managers/users doing everything in their powers to get more followers. And obviously, if you have more followers you have a better chance of going viral since the probability of your content getting shared is higher. Right?

Wrong! It’s never been about the quantity, it’s about the quality of your followers. How high are the chances of someone who breathes all-things video games, sharing a post of Versace’s collection at Milan Fashion Week?

And it is exactly for this reason you should not ‘buy’ fake followers. They are just the clutter and they don’t help much.

3. Concentrating only on Facebook
If you are only facebook circled user/manager. You are doing it wrong same goes for the opposite of it. If you are neglecting facebook, you are also doing it wrong cause there’s more traffic. Don’t forget LinkedIn is now the biggest professional network and G+ is must for Android/Gmail users,  and you can do the math.

4. Your social media profiles are not SEO optimized
Besides the traffic benefits and visibility gained from social media, there are also some hidden SEO benefits. You can SEO your social media profiles and boost your presence both in social media and search engines.

Doing so it not that hard, basically you need to treat your profiles on the different social media networks like your website. Special attention should be given to the titles, urls and descriptions you use and try to be authentic in what you say and share.

5. You try to increase your followers too fast
All membership websites have rules and social media networks are no exception to this. If you fail to obey their rules, you risk losing your account and all the time you have spent building your profiles. If you don’t want to read the policies of each network then the best thing you can do is avoid exaggerations and you will be fine.

For example, do not start adding and removing tons of new people per day but follow a more moderate approach. I would say that adding/removing 10-20 people per day (on each social network) is enough to grow your profiles steadily and keep you under the radar at the same time.

If you follow a more aggressive pattern then you may get a number of penalties (for example Facebook may disallow you from adding new friends for 30 days, Twitter will suspend your account, Google+ will give you a notice etc) and this will slow you down further.

6. You want to be followed but forget to follow back!
This is another common mistake most beginners do with social media. They put all their efforts in following new people or removing those who are not following them back and forget to follow back those that are already following them.

Social media is a community, you don’t just take advantage from a community. You should offer sometimes too. Else you might be kicked out of it. Same rules apply over Social media. If you take something, you are gonna have to offer something. So, follow them who follow you. At least at the beginning.

7. Personal profile = Business profile

Almost all social media networks (maybe with the exception of Twitter) have different versions for personal and business profiles. Facebook has the Facebook Business page, Google+ has the Google+ for business and Pinterest recently introduced Pinterest for Business.

For Facebook, a business page is owned by a personal profile so you need to first create your personal profile and then create a business page. Each network has its own rules and what is important is to create a business page to promote your website. You can use the business profile to promote posts from your website only and your personal profile to promote posts from other websites as well. Both of the Profile Types have different purposes.

8. All posts are seen by all your followers
This is another misconception that disappoints a lot of people. Let’s say that you have 2000 people as followers in your Facebook business page. When you make a new post using your Facebook business account, it will only be seen by approximately 200 people i.e. only 10% of your fans will see the post in their timelines. The other networks have similar rules and the easiest way to increase the number of people who see a post is to use advertising.

9. You don’t use hashtags
A hashtag is the easiest way to follow a discussion on any platform. For example during the US election you can search for #uselection on twitter or Google plus and stay informed about the latest stories on that subject. Facebook started using hashtags as well (Twitter and Google+ were using hash tags from the beginning).

Usage of hashtags is straightforward, just use the ‘#’ followed by the keyword you want to use.
For example the hashtag for this post is like this:

Common social media mistakes, hashtags will be #commonsocialmediamistakes #socialmedia #socialmediamistakes. One more thing, try to keep it as short as possible.

10. Getting too much involved in social media.
If you are just tapping and tapping over your phone on Facebook. You are doing it so wrong. You don’t know what you are gonna miss in real life just being online over Facebook. Real Life is much more beautiful than the Digital form which is not real and could break in a moment.

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