Common Computer mistakes we make as a Regular PC User. Topic is on browser. I’m trying to concentrate over the mistakes only. So, not all of them has solution. You can check my other articles for the solution. I’m sure you will get it. If you don’t have that much patience. Please ask in the comment I will answer it for you.

1. Don’t Update

Updaphtobia??? Like my other Article “Common Computer Mistakes”, I mentioned that Updates are how much important for your PC. Same goes here. If you don’t Update your browser. You are missing a lot. Although some people avoids it due to Addons Integrity. And Chrome Users has no idea what I’m talking about.

2. Eat all the Cookies

Allowing Cookies From Everywhere isn’t a good Idea. What you should do is allow first-party cookies (which are cookies set by the actual site domain that you’re visiting) and disallow third-party cookies (which are cookies set by other domains, like advertising networks).

Note: Some sites might need third-party cookies to operate properly. For example, online banking sometimes require these cookies for user verification.

3. Install as Many Plugins you want

Everything’s becoming on Plugins. You need Ad Blocker, you need Pop Up Blocker, you need Video Download Helper and all kind of Plugins to make your Digital Life easy. Ahh!!! You are confused and final decision is to Install everything that appears on your screen. You are doing it so wrong. It doesn’t only slow down your Browser but also your system. You got to think straight and make your hitlist short to enjoy better Browsing Experience.

4. Not Backing up Your Browser Data and Settings

With a fresh installation, you can get your browser back, but not the customized setup that you have spent so much time on. Stay smart and prepare for such a contingency.

All you need to do is take advantage of your browser’s sync feature. It backs up your browser favorites—from your bookmarks to your add-ons—to an external server. Check My TnT Articles for more.

5. Leaving Your Browser Unprotected

Sharing a desktop with someone or allowing them to use your browser is risky unless you have some kind of protection in place. Through intent or accident, said person could delete your browser data and mess with its settings. Check My TnT Articles for more.

6. No Backup & Sync Password

You do have the option of resetting sync on both Chrome and Firefox. But this deletes your data from the server for security reasons. The local browsing data stays intact and you can sync it back once you set a new password. 

7. Erasing Browser History

If you routinely update your browser, then you may already know about the “privacy windows” and other features that are supposed to protect you from online snoopers. For example, the “privacy window” in Firefox and IE version 11 will prevent entries from being placed in your browser history, yet they admit freely that your ISP still has a record of each site that you visited. To add insult to injury, the “privacy window” in Firefox will not protect you from IT specialists or other admins appointed to see what sites you are visiting while at work and using employer equipment.

8. You are Anonymous Because You are using Fake Information

Have you ever created an email, social networking, or some other account using fake name, address, and phone information? If so, you are one of millions of people that think anonymity online is as simple as providing false information. As previously discussed, no matter who you claim to be, your ISP still knows your identity and what you were doing. So, no escape. If anyone from defense wants Information about you to your ISP. They can provide your history and all your Fakes, you thought no one will ever know.

9. Keep using IE

We used to make jokes once. You should use IE, you can’t escape it. Well of course, to download the other browsers. If you didn’t get the joke. Sire, you are in big trouble. Let’s talk about Edge. Edge is better than IE, everyone will agree but is it better than others? Well, try and ask yourself. You know my answer.

10. The number of tabs in your browser is too damn high.

I know a lot of people and friends who do it. I don’t know why someone will open 3 windows and 20 tabs in each and not only that. Some people open 3 different browsers and 20 tabs in each. God, why? If you are doing it too, you are doing it so wrong.

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