Common Computer misconceptions we are harboring as a Regular PC User. I’m trying to concentrate over the misconceptions only. So, not all of them has solution here. You can check my other articles for the solution. I’m sure you will get it. If you don’t have that much patience. Please ask in the comment I will answer it for you.

1. Malware makes Computer slow

That is very untrue. Malwares are designed to infiltrate your system in a stealth mode. So, you won’t feel it’s existence. Cause, you might want to delete it after-while. So, no malwares do not make your computer slow. It only steals information and use the network.

2. Clearing hard drive will boost performance

Sometimes people clear their Hard Drive thinking it will make their system fast. Well it only happens when your drive’s color turns blue to red . You have only couple Gigabytes (in some cases Megabytes) left. It’s because some programs unleash packages which require virtual space on your drive. When they don’t get space they run slow.

3. Registry Cleaners boost Performance

This is perhaps one of the grandest myths of all. All over the Internet you’ll find programs advertising the fact they can provide massive performance improvements to your computer by cleaning out your registry. This is utter nonsense. Registry cleaners provide no good use.

4. Upgrading components is guaranteed speed

While you might think buying a new hard drive or investing in more RAM is going to get silky smooth performance, this isn’t strictly true. It actually depends on your system and the specific component that you’re buying.

The real upgrade is going to come from moving from a HDD to a solid state drive (SSD). SSDs use flash memory, like a USB stick or SD card, and don’t have any moving parts, thus can access data quicker. SSDs are currently much more expensive than HDDs, so it can make sense to split your system into two drives. The SSD can hold the operating system (the data that powers your system and is constantly accessed), while the HDD can contain all other files.

The idea that RAM offers greater speeds for your computer is true – for the most part. As you’ve probably expected, this comes with some pitfalls. 32-bit versions of Windows are only capable of using up to 4GB of RAM.

Only processor controls the processing speed. Which you can’t just boost up doing something else.

5. Computers Make Mistakes

It is absolutely wrong to think a computer will make mistake. It’s a machine and it will do exactly what you tell it to do. So, clearly the mistakes are coming from the human operator who gave a wrong command. If in any service store the guy says, “The Computer is not doing right”, which means the guy has no idea how machine works. The mistake could be repetitive as computer loops work on single command and it runs the other operation based on the 1st command. So, 1 mistake could lead to other 100 mistakes. It’s the human not the machine.

6. Installing a fresh copy of OS is the only solution

It’s a common suggestion you get from your ISP Technicians. Specially around Bangladesh. If it’s slow they suggest you to install a fresh copy OS. Which is entirely wrong!!! You can do other couple of things to Speed up your system. And if you are having problem with 1 of your Programs, System Restore is there to help you out.

7. Deleting something Actually Erases Them 

When you delete something from your HDD it doesn’t remove it entirely. It just removes it’s virtual memory and never removes until it’s been replaced by new data means overwriting the memory.  If you really want to destroy any information you should use a magnet!!!

8. Virus is after everything

“My Computer Is Slow. It Has to Be a Virus!” “It Can’t Be a Virus — I Have an Antivirus Program!” Who are thinking these, are thinking one sided. Your system could be slow for many reasons like bad connections between components. Not always it’s from software side. Hardware side slows your system much more. So, it doesn’t matter whether if you have Anti virus Program or not. Attacks could be effective no matter what.

9. “I’ll Just Upgrade My Old Computer”

This is not a good idea. Your are probably thinking to save some money but it will cost you more even might make you suffer in long run. You can check my Computer Mistakes 005 : Buying Computer article for more details.

10. Once setup will last for lifetime. (Network/Software/OS)

Some people thinks that once setting up a Network/ OS/ Software will run forever. Well geniuses Einstein Law doesn’t apply here. It needs continuous supervision to keep things running, depends on what kind of systems you are using and how you are using.

There are some more common misconceptions people harbor into them. I’m just mentioning them. I hope it doesn’t worth discussing.

  • My nephew/neighbor’s kid/brother-in-law/office manager knows this computer stuff and can take care of our computers.
  • My computer network doesn’t need regular monitoring and maintenance.
  • All computer technicians are created equal. Your best option will be the one who offers the lowest price.
  • An honest computer support company should be able to give you a quote over the phone.

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