1. Some common Misconceptions

Well I’m describing some Misconceptions about Programming that goes around.
“Programming is boring.” Yes, In some cases for professionals but while you are learning it’s not.
“Programming is a non-creative field.” You gotta think in a lot of ways in a lot of levels.
“Programming is too difficult.” Well when google is there nothing is difficult.
“Programming requires a full college education.” Nope, it requires self Influence/Motivation.
“Programming is a highly specialized skill.”
“You Must Be an Adult to Learn Programming”

“It’s for people stuck in computer labs”
“It’s anti-social” I really love to know new people everyday. Does it sounds like unsocial to you?

2. “All programming languages are created equal.”

Well Yes and No, at the same time. There are some languages which has alternative language and there are also with no alternatives. Even there are versions which are upgraded then than the last one. Like PHP 5 is better than PHP4. And also there are Low level – High Level Languages. The languages that are closer to machine code are the “low-level languages”, hard to read and learn and the “high-level languages” which are easier to read and learn.

An example of a low-level language is C and an example of a high level language is Ruby or Python. There is so much more to learn and know about languages. Hope I will make another article only concentrating only on Programming Conceptions.

3. “HTML is a programming language.”

Yeah I wish…. But sorry to say it’s not. A lot of web designers say they are programmers because they can “code” in HTML and know a bit of design using CSS. However, HTML is not a programming language. It is a markup language. It sets up a structure for the web using tags that allow you to markup your content.

If you’re going to say that HTML is a programming language, then you might as well include things such as word documents, as they too are based on ML, or ‘Markup Language’.

Programming is more about solving problems than just creating a structural framework, or styling a web page.

If you really want the respect of coders out there, don’t consider HTML as a programming skill. It’s just not. Get knowledgeable in other languages like JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and other coding skills needed for web-design, blogging, and WordPress.

4. “Java is short for JavaScript…?”

Well no it’s not, both has some differences and similarities at the same time. Java is OOP(Object Oriented Programming) Language while JavaScript is OOS (Object Oriented Scripting) Language. I don’t want to elaborate it here but I’m surely making another article on Java vs Javascript in near future. Just for the record, it’s not the same.

5. “Software Engineers = Hackers = Crackers = Programmers.”

Okay to clear the hacker and cracker idea you can read #1 of Article Computer Misconceptions 003: The Internet. And for the record NO, they are not the same you think. Even there are different kind of hackers. White, Grey, Black. I will discuss it on another Article but for now the key difference is their work. White is a good guy who Hacks by the book means ethical. Black is the opposite of White. Does hacking to gain financial benefits or stealing confidential information from companies and not by the book. And Grey is in the middle, they become White and sometimes they are Black. Okay let’s check about Engineers and Programmers. Programmers are the people who write codes. On the other side Software Engineer means a lot of things. He could be a Programmer/ System Designer/ Computer Architect and many more. Hope you have an idea about all of them. 

6. “You have to learn how to code in C first before starting any new language.”

Not true. You can start with some other Languages like Ruby on Rails or Python. Which are High Level Languages. It’s good to know C. It’s very basic but it doesn’t mean if you want to do something you got to start with C then everything else. My suggestion will be start learning PHP, Ruby or Python would some good choices.

7. You Need to Learn Only the Best Programming Language

What do they mean by “the best” programming language, anyway? It’s a little misleading, because the best language for you to learn is the one that fits your current purpose, either for work or study. This simply means that there’s no best programming language out there. It depends on what you want to do with it.

There are amazing programming languages for beginners, though. Like I mentioned before Python is a good starting point because of its simplicity, readability and flexibility. Java is easy to learn too, and best of all, it has extensive documentation and a die-hard community to boot. Afterwards, it’s all up to you to decide which tools to use based on the language’s speed, exclusive features, compatibility, maintainability, availability of resources etc.

8. Programming Languages are the ‘Languages of Computers’

Actually it’s the opposite of it. Programming Languages are there to help you commanding the computer. The low level languages are the most closest to machine which are hard to understand for human. Machine understands Binary Codes. But human doesn’t just understand Binary Code by seeing it for a blink. On the other hand high level languages are closest to human. Easy to read and learn. Well I explained it before. So, the bottomline is Programming Languages are for human to make the machine understand through compiler. What is compiler? Well save you curiosity for another day. Check my articles.

9. You Need to Be a Math Whiz to Learn Programming Languages

The ‘Logic, not maths’ principle

One of the greatest misconceptions about programming – certainly at beginner levels – is that it is full of maths. If, like some people, you have an idea that programming will dredge up all manner of faded school-day memories of trigonometry, algebra and the like, you’re wrong. The maths learnings of my distant past, at least to date, haven’t figured strongly in my programming experience.

But you got to work with logics. Keeping them alive on your head while you are typing codes which is actually not much to worry about. The thing is, you got to know basic maths which you learnt at your childhood but Logic is the actual thing you are going to work with. But it’s a point zero, that if you don’t understand the logic in maths you won’t be able to write good codes.

10. The Hollywood Lies

And there’s the Hollywood. Keeps people confusing and shows dreams to people. I’m not saying I hate Hollywood. I’m a great fan too. But it makes me laugh when they shows a programmer uses his magic code that breaks everything. What Magic Code? Yah, my question exactly. There is no magic code. To break something, it needs a lot of time to practice, patience, integrity to work in the environment, different level of thinking. It’s not that easy how Hollywood or any movie shows it like. If they call it Science Fiction, then it’s fine.

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