Common Computer misconceptions we are harboring as a Regular PC User. I’m trying to concentrate over the misconceptions only. So, not all of them has solution here. You can check my other articles for the solution. I’m sure you will get it. If you don’t have that much patience. Please ask in the comment I will answer it for you.

  1. Computer Science is sending emails, browsing the Internet, word processing
    Anyone can do this!!!  No one needs to enter a higher education program in Computer Science in order to perform such tasks. In a similar way that none needs a HE degree in Mechanical Engineering or Electronics to drive their cars or use their TV sets.  However, Computer Science is targeted towards developing such software, services and applications solutions so that other people can use them!
  2. Computer Science is about programming
    Programming is a technical skill for which someone doesn’t need a degree to acquire should you be an engineer to fix a leaking water pipe? Someone with an engineering degree knows everything about materials and hydraulics including perhaps hands-on practice with tools  Programming is just a tool for Computer Scientists. Current complex software systems require software engineering methods, methodologies and approaches. Computer Science is about programming Computer Science is about programming
  3. Computer Science is maths, maths, maths!
    Maths in a Computer Science program is specific to this discipline and is taught almost from point zero.  It is not just maths for maths. Yes, we do need maths, because we are required to establish correctness and soundness of the applications developed. This is much alike the way that mathematics guarantees that a newly designed airplane is safe to fly without killing people before we spend millions in constructing it.  Maths is what makes it a Science!
  4. Computer Science undergraduate studies restrict the choice for postgraduate
    A Computer Science degree opens a wide range of potential!  Actually, Computer Science graduates who follow Master’s degrees in other, even unrelated, disciplines like Management, Music, Politics etc. are extremely successful because they possess the fundamental intellectual skills and long-life learning abilities that help them towards such an attempted conversion. Computer Science undergraduate studies Computer Science undergraduate studies restrict the choice for postgraduate studies restrict the choice for postgraduate studies
  5. Computer Science jobs are boring, lonely and are all taken
    Boring job? Think again! • New problems and new needs by the society and the business world never leave space for boredom because new solutions must be devised  Lonely job? Not quite! The complexity of the problems addressed is such that none can manage alone Computer Scientists more than any other related discipline need to work in well-structured teams  Jobs are all taken? On the contrary!! The need is increasing because demands for automated solutions are increasing During the last decade, Computer Scientists are highly employed. The demand is constantly high! With the current trends of the market, it is predicted that Computer Scientists would be hard to find!
  6. Computer Science graduates never reach higher management positions
    Computer Scientists acquire such organisational and communication skills that are highly suited for high management positions.  The disciplined ways in which they face problems and engineer solutions make them able to undertake and successfully cope with many managerial tasks.  In addition, IT has become so important for businesses that Computer Scientists are directly involved in decision making for the future development of businesses.
  7. Computer Science, Information Systems, Computer Engineering, are all the same
    Although they may share common grounds all three are distinct from each other!  Computer science: spans a wide range, from its theoretical & algorithmic foundations to cutting-edge developments in robotics, networking, intelligent systems, bioinformatics, etc.  Information systems: focus on integrating information technology solutions and business processes to meet the information needs of businesses, enabling them to achieve their objectives effectively and efficiently.  Computer engineering: is concerned with the design and construction of computers and computer-based systems.
  8.  Computer Science studies is only for men
    It’s true that men have outnumbered women in computer science in the past.  But this is changing! Increasingly, women are becoming extremely successful professionals. On average they might even do better than men!  Computer Science is about helping others solve problems, learning about new technologies, facing challenges, coming up with new products and services.  Contemporary women contribute to all the above in an innovative way!
  9. Computer Science is not as important to society and business as other disciplines
    Are the following important for the society and business world? Correctness and integrity of sensitive business and personal data? Safety of bank accounts, anytime-anywhere access and management of knowledge? Safe driving and flying? Privacy in communications? Reduction of cost in business operations? Effective health services?  If so, then Computer Science is at least as important to society and businesses as other disciplines.
  10. Computer Science is for “nerds/geeks”!
    This is a distorted image that Hollywood films impose to the general public!  Computer Scientists seem to talk to each other with some undecipherable technology terms no different from what Doctors or Engineers or Lawyers do  Computer Scientists are trained to acquire good communication skills and general knowledge that will help them to interact with people for whom they provide solutions

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