Common Computer mistakes we make as a Regular PC User. I’m trying to concentrate over the mistakes only. So, not all of them has solution. You can check my other articles for the solution. I’m sure you will get it. If you don’t have that much patience. Please ask in the comment I will answer it for you.

1. Falling for the Free Stuffs

Free stuffs are not always good for your systems. Even some of the free Programs including Antivirus Programs doesn’t work properly. And also some of them make the system slow due to their Bad Choice of Codes. Free Programs are Ad- supported too. Many of them installs adware. Sometimes these adwares are pretty annoying. Specially, when you are surfing the Internet. Example : DNS Unlocker, It’s the most crazy one now. So, know your programs more closely. 

2. Default Installations, Clicking Next or Ok without reading

Okay, there are so many trolls about it over the Internet. Even South Park has an episode Mr. Jobs kidnapped Kyle because he clicked I Agree terms. But he has no idea what was written. It’s okay I don’t think Mr. Jobs ghost will come after you like the episode. But it’s really important to see what you are agreeing with and do not just click Next continuously. Cause you might be agreeing with download some other adwares and giving permission to mess with your browser and so much more.

3. Disk Defragment all day.

It’s 2016. Tech is more capable of doing things. Defragment is a common job for OS. It runs the defragmentation when it needed. And moreover, SSD drives doesn’t need fragmentation. You are doing it so wrong that you are shortening it’s life by fragmenting on regular basis. 

4. Not Restarting The Computer

Rebooting is considered a cure-all of sorts that fixes a ton of problems. A few examples of problems that can be fixed with a simple reboot include; slow running, programs using too much memory, Internet or WiFi connection problems and the Windows blue screen of death. So, if your are using your computer for a long time like 2days in a row, give it a rest. I guarantee you, it will work better.

5. No Data Backup Plan

Information is a mass word these days. If there is a crisis on information, the world might come to it’s end. Processed, organized, structured or presented Data is known as Information. So, if you loose your data once, you might not get it back again. So, you need a backup plan. If Store A gets deleted somehow, you will have Store B, C many more. 

6. Don’t Update the OS & Other Essential Software Up-To-Date

This is common among the most users. It became a phobia these days. What can I call it Updaphtobia??? Developers update the programs to fix the bugs, replacing bad codes, adding new features or may be a change in the UI. So, you see these are necessary fields. Don’t you need those things? Just asking…

7. My system doesn’t need Antivirus, cause I’m Neo

Can you remember the character from ‘The Matrix’? Of course you can. So, there are 2 different users. No Antivirus and more than 1 Antivirus users. Both are thinking and doing it wrong. If your system doesn’t have Antivirus, it’s going to be affected soon. Virus won’t stop attacking even if you are the Neo. And again if you install more than 1 Antivirus Programs, it’s going to conflict with each other and slow your system down. 

8. Getting dirty & Falling for the bad stuffs.

Let’s get dirty!!! Who didn’t do it while surfing The Internet? Clicking on the half nude Ads, winning the $100 prize if you click it or else you are gonna lose $50 and many more Ads, even the Matchmaker Ads from Google. This redirects, link builders, pop ups are slowing your browser by downloading tons of cookies in your system. Try avoiding them even if some of them are very attracting.

9. Windows registry cleaners, very Essential. 

Wrong!!! Registry Cleaners are not even needed for your system. If you really want to be that Nerd with your OS. Please try manual process. Registry Cleaners might mess with your OS and it will if you are using it for a long time. I’m a Windows User for more than 18 years. I never installed any Registry Cleaners ever. When I needed to do anything with any Registry Key, I did it manually. So, stay away from it.

10. Protect Your PC From Other Humans 

Yes. Your Family & Friends are one of the biggest threat for your system. Let’s guess you are the ultimate computer genius and you maintain it like hell. You left your PC for a below average PC user friend. Now consider that he did the #1 and #8. Now your are getting the big picture, Right?

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